The values of Country Cat Family-traditional: respect for each other, obedience to parents, confidence in problem solving, expressing gratitude, honesty, fair play, respect for individuals, helping each other, team work, responsibility, love of country and others as you may sight and discuss with your children or class.

The techniques of Country Cat Family: where young and pre-readers begin to associate pictures with words. Children can see real pictures with short picture captions that describe the story element. One story per book. Then a series of books about the same Country Cat Family with different stories. The Country Cat Family shows kids real pictures and literary style stories can be personally entertaining, thereby encouraging earlier reading of advanced level books.

The stories focus on the adventures of Palamino and Carmella... when Palamino discovers the spring winding through the woods behind his house. Then Palamino found himself lost because he was having too much fun playing...

So Carmella went into the woods to find him... She looked and looked (Book Two) ...

Upon returning, Mom and Dad teach them an important life skill. After all is said and done they sit in the window and...

...think about all the roads they can take in the future (Book 3).















Greetings kids, parents and families,

We are COUNTRY CAT FAMILY and we welcome you to our Web site!

Our purpose, aside from showing fabulously creative pictures of cats in real life, is to get kids reading early and often. We don't mind saying, kids love cats and kids love us! So take advantage and encourage your kids to start reading now no matter how young.

Now, we designed our three picture books with the idea that parents, grandparents, sitters and friends would love to read our books together with children. Then we want the kids to pick up your reading device again and again to see our antics
--and learn more words and sentences.

Parents and teachers know the benefits of early childhood reading is critical to building a successful foundation in school and college. we are in all our expressive, funny, cute, opinionated, wise and foolish glory in tales designed to thrill and entertain just about everyone who sees the pictures. (BTW, feel free to order our books just to see the pictures. Our books are fantastic standalone picture books in their own right.)

Beginning in 2008, photographer/writer Ben Harrison photographed us as we walked with him in the woods near his rural home.

Ben colorfully rendered his stunning high resolution images and wove them into a continuing story that links all three books. (So its best to start with the first one.) He draws from our individual personalities and the stories that are based on actual events and situations.

The Country Cat Family series has three titles with a total of 135 picture panels as shown in example panels here.

Picture Book One
The Country Cat Family and the Cold Weather
41 panels
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Picture Book Two
Palamino Gets Lost in the Woods
49 panels
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Picture Book Three
A New Skill is Learned and Palamino Shares His Secret!
45 panels
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Ben's photographic art is stunningly rendered in these online editions at the equally stunning price of under $3 per title. The stories are sequential leading up to a surprise ending.

We hope you and your early readers enjoy the Country Cat Family series on all levels!

We would be thrilled if you read and talked about us! We really don't mind.

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Happy reading and talking about what you've read!
The Country Cat Family

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The Country Cat Family
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